About Us

In 2008 the first and only continues PIR production line in Iran was presented by Petro-Artoon Co. as the local representative of Finetec Corp. Korea in Pars Special EconomicEnergyZone (PSEEZ) in Assaluye. After highly appreciated efforts and continues inspection and tests of inspectors and visitors, finally Petro-Artoon was honored to receive Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC)approval on March 2012.

Since then Petro-Artoon has presented himself as an EPC, EP, P or MC contractor for supplying, producing and designing of cold and hot insulations.

In order to facilitate the procedure of shipping materials and in accordance with our employers need, Petro-Artoon located its factory in PSEEZ (Assaluye), which led in to highly reduced transportation costs and prevented unnecessary imports.Furthermorehaving a mobilizedPUF/PIR continuous production line helps us to locate our factory in nearest place to the consumptionarea and proceed production, packing and delivery oftailor made cold and hotinsulation.

Head office:
Petro-Artoon is honored to present managers with great experience (more than 10 years) in handling and executing general insulationprojects in greatest international insulation companies (Iran, Germany, UAE…),especially cold and hot insulation, refractory,double and single wall tankinsulation.

Petro-Artoon is one of the few Iranian companies that with assist of an experienced engineering and design departments, procurement experts and installation team takes action on EPC, EP, P or MC insulation projects.

With our different associated departments (procurement and sales, production plan, quality control, project control, etc) we are capable of managing and constructing any insulation project.

With production capacity of 10,000 Cube Meters per month in different sizes and thicknesses we can afford producing materials needed for a refinery with our continuous production line of PIR in less than Three months. Our factory is located in 10,000 Square Meters area in PSEEZ (Assaluye) that contains 4,000 square meterswarehouse.

Our imported CNC machines with tolerance of ±0.1 mm are capable of cutting foams in any dimensions and thicknesses which leads to a fewer amounts of loss and helps protecting the environment.

Through partnerships with environmental experts and by using new technologies we are finding ways to minimizethe impact of our operations on the environment.