Petro-Artoon has been awarded a contract for providing and producing insulation materials for one of the largest areas in South Pars Gas Field, Phase 9 and 10 and is currently producing and supplying all of the cold insulations and materials required for phase 15 and 16.

Phase 9 and 10 PSEEZ(Assaluyeh) EPC:
Regarding to an experienced andtalented team of managers and executives, Petro-Artoon was trusted and awarded Phase 9 and 10 PSEEZfor design,construction and supply of material and supplied 11,000 m3 of cold insulation (65,000ML of cold insulation for pipes, 3000m2 Slab for equipments, 37,500 ML hot insulation mineral wool and 290,000m2 Aluminum for metal jacketing).



Phase 15&16 PSEEZ(Assaluye) EP:
Following to the delivery and production of coldinsulation required for phase 9 and 10, Petro-Artoonwas again honored to construct and deliver total PIRand cold insulation required for phase 15 and 16.Petro-Artoonhas currently done producing 6100m3 cold insulation for phases 15&16 and cutting procedure is still running with 90% physical progress.